Theory is a research-driven strategy consultancy
We specialize in developing actionable brand and innovation strategies that are grounded in a fundamental understanding of how consumers think and feel. Through collaborations with our clients, we craft strategies to change consumer behavior and build brands that delight.
our leadership
David Hurvitz
Founding Partner
David founded Theory with the vision of bringing the depth of understanding obtainable through cognitive science and psychoanalysis to the world of consumer insight.

David’s interests in consumer insight and strategy started at Harvard’s Department of Psychology. There he analyzed the roles that perception, memory and emotion play in decision making. Recognizing the potential that cognitive methods held for consumer research, David developed Mind-Modeling as a tool to provide absolute clarity into how brands live in consumers’ minds.

For the past 15 years, David has focused on optimizing and expanding the strategic potential of Mind-Modeling. From the U.S. to China, he has led more than 200 research projects which have resulted in disruptive strategies in a broad range of sectors including: CPG, consumer electronics, finance and pharmaceuticals.

Today, David is a hands-on thought partner to each client, enabling them to gain a crystallized understanding of how their consumers really think, in order to build strategies that really work.
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Carolyn Limbrunner
With her expertise in modeling qualitative data, Carolyn leads our research and analysis process.

For each project, Carolyn translates the business challenge into a customized, consumer-facing research design. When conducting Mind-Modeling interviews, Carolyn is known for her uncanny ability to make any consumer open-up and reveal their innermost thoughts about any topic, ranging from credit card debt to eating disorders in children. With her unwavering attention to detail, Carolyn works to build insight models and transform them into consumer-centric strategies.

Carolyn brings a unique multidisciplinary approach to understanding consumer culture and the roles that brands play in consumers’ lives. Prior to joining Theory in 2005, she explored the interplay of anthropology, information systems and marketing while earning an MBA and MS at Boston University.
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