We provide absolute clarity into how brands and other important ideas live in consumers’ minds
95% of the activity of the human mind occurs outside the window of conscious awareness.

Mind-Modeling — our proprietary research method — takes advantage of proven psychoanalytic techniques that enable people to realize and vividly articulate their thoughts and feelings, including those that typically operate in the subconscious.
The Underlying Science
Our minds store knowledge in complex information networks called mental models.
A mental model organizes all that we know about a topic into a seamless system. Each experience enriches the model by integrating in new facts, memories and emotional associations.

In our daily life, our mental model of a brand determines how we think, feel and make decisions regarding it—so understanding consumers’ mental models is essential to truly understanding consumer behavior.

Clinical psychologists have made advances in techniques to analyze people’s mental models. We’ve retrofitted these techniques for consumer research—enabling us to gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of consumers.
Steps in Mind-Modeling
We access and explore consumers’ mental models
Mind-Modeling uses psychoanalytic techniques to map the thoughts and feelings that shape a person’s mindset regarding a topic. As each new idea is surfaced in the interview, the consumer must critically assess its meaning and relative importance.
We identify the shared content of consumers’ mental models
Mind-Modeling uses qualitative trends analysis to identify the shared patterns of thoughts and feelings that shape consumers’ thinking about a topic.
We build strategies based on trends in mental models
Mind-Modeling integrates a vast range of consumer insight into a unified model that tells the full story of how consumers think and feel. With these models, we enable managers to see the world from their consumers’ point of view and implement strategies that resonate with consumers’ mindset.
Applying Mind-Modeling
Whether you’re a brand team seeking opportunities to strengthen your emotional connection to your target consumer or an agency looking for truthful backing to a big campaign, Mind-Modeling provides absolute clarity in your consumers’ mind.
Gain a foundational understanding of an important topic
Build an aspirational brand architecture
Identify a fresh and motivating brand positioning
Develop a strategy to drive brand loyalty and use
Create a brand experience that delights
Uncover and define whitespace opportunities
Segment consumers based on their mindsets and behavior
Pinpoint opportunities to influence shopper behavior
Optimize communications and product concepts
Understand consumers’ identities, lives and experiences